Saturday, 7 May 2011

Au revoir

So that's it for the week folks. I'm off to sit on my bum and gaze at my navel until the 12th.

Jenny, my co-facilitator, has come to stay in readiness for an early off to Ardrossan and from there to Brodick. Then from Brodick to Lamlash (which I've just discovered is, historically, the 'capital' of Arran), and finally the small ferry to Holy Isle.

We have one night to drink wine and generally let our hair down before sober times ahead along with 11 brave souls who've decided to take our course. It's pretty full on as we're 'on' from 7 am right up until 9 pm but I've been going over to Holy Isle for the last number of years and each time I go, although it's hard work, I've found it to be a pleasure to be there. It's something to do with being with animals who are free to roam - there are wild ponies, sheep and goats as well as lots of lovely bird life - and food that is mainly grown on the island and the cook manages to conjure up some lovely dishes, which is always a treat.

So wishing you all a good week and I'll let you know how it's been when I get back.

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