Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Back to puppy class

Today was the first Guide Dog puppy class of the year (the January one is always not on) and it was such a joy to get there (complete with invisible puppy who behaved superlatively throughout!) and to have a chance to cuddle puppies and catch up with all the chat.

We'd been informed that the Puppy Supervisor couldn't make it a few weeks ago, so Lynne, who's an excellent dog trainer had offered to step into the breach. She's such a great dog trainer and instead of the usual sitting about while the PS tells us all that's going on in Guide Dogs, Lynne just got straight on with it and she commandeered me to help out, so that was fun.

There were 6 puppies there, all of various ages, from 16 weeks to 2 years (the latter being a withdrawn GD, but was still allowed to come to classes) and it was great to see them do their thing... some better than others, it must be said, with one, who's 6 months and just turned the corner into adolescence, who was appalling. Before Xmas he was a model puppy. Funny what those hormones can do.

What was lovely was that the people with the 16 week old puppy (it was their first ever class) turned out to be the ones that I'd met on Vespa's birthday, when we met in Galashiels and they were asking me all kinds of questions about being a puppy walker. Well apparently, after that conversation, they went straight home and did all the paperwork and their gorgeous 16 week old puppy is the result! How great is that?

Puppies being put through their paces... that's the 16 week old on it's hind legs... cute!

After puppy class it was home to sort out some things, one of which being I'd been charged a whole lot more for my internet and phone this month, so I got in touch and, according to Plusnet, I'm supposed to keep going on line to see when my contract is up. According to me, that's their job. In the end they were going to give me something of a deal, but guess what? Their internet was down! I'm afraid I thought that was pretty hysterical. What's even worse is that it was still down when they phoned me back later this afternoon and will be in touch tomorrow. Gotta laugh!

And then it was study tidy time. My desk has been lost under a swathe of papers for quite a while and so it was time for a clear out. I've done quite a good job, though I say it myself, and at last I can see the actual top of my desk. Of course now I have no excuse for not doing any work at it. Or as my brother so nicely put it when I was in London, 'You've got rid of your husband, your children and your dog, so there's no excuses!' Oh I don't know about that, I'm sure I can always find an excuse somewhere!

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