Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Silver lining

Today was absolutely the most gorgeous day! Blue sky, sunshine and no wind at all... amazing!

I had a very lazy morning, but had a meeting with the person I run my retreats with in the afternoon and so headed on down to Kelso early so I could go for a walk along the river. And it was just beautiful.

River Tweed looking down towards Floors Castle

Along the path 

My meeting went extremely well and after almost 3 hours we packed up our stuff and headed on our separate ways.

I was supposed to go down to Yorkshire tomorrow, but the friend I was supposed to be spending a couple of days with had had some work difficulties and so couldn't take the time off, so we cancelled.

But there's always a silver lining to each cloud and although sad it was cancelled, I got a call from my Guide Dog pal who asked me if I could look after the gorgeous Amber, the labradoodle puppy, on Friday night. Could I? I'm looking forward to it!

She'll be my very first boarded Guide Dog puppy and I'm so excited at having a puppy around again, albeit for just 24 hours. Whoohoo!

So be ready people... puppy pics will be posted!

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