Monday, 15 February 2016

Weighty issues

One of the byproducts of being unwell has meant a bit of a weight loss... and for me that's not good.

My best weight to be is around 8 stone (112 lbs or 50.8 kgs) preferably slightly more rather than less. Yesterday morning I weighed in at 7 stone 9lbs, which for someone of my height (5ft 6 inches) and age is well underweight and not a good look, believe me.

So it was time to do something about it. But I wasn't helped at all yesterday by having a nosebleed on waking up, followed by another, followed by another and then another. It was so awful that it was funny... well no point looking at it any other way.

I went back to bed for the day and relaxed. I mean what else could I do if every time I stood up I got a nosebleed? And actually it was a very good thing to do. I relaxed about the whole thing and filled myself with good food.

I'm off to London tomorrow and need to feel top notch as have a lot planned, both work and social, and, although I was hoping the nosebleeds would've stopped by now, I've already had one this morning. Oh dear!

I also have a bit of very good Guide Dog news. I've got my second boarder coming on 26th Feb. He's the lovely Robbie, who's a yellow lab/retriever cross and is 6 months old and apparently started being a bit of a teenager... that bit I'm not looking forward to, but having a pup around for a full 4 days will be great.

So that's me for this week. I'll be back on Friday and will report all on my return... well maybe not all!

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