Saturday, 13 February 2016

Making my mind up

Today I was supposed to venture forth to Stobo Castle and teach a Qiqong class this afternoon. I was really looking forward to it. Actually, I think I was looking forward to the steam room to help ease my still slightly compromised vocal chords even more. But there was snow.

I really prefer not to drive in the snow unless forced, but this morning it was just a light flutter, so when I phoned Stobo to see what the roads were like over there, I decided I'd go. And then it started snowing even heavier.

By 12.30, with around 3 inches lying and the roads getting whiter by the moment, I phoned Stobo and cancelled. I'm not so bothered about getting there, but getting back, well... my preference is not to be stuck out in the wilds of the Scottish Borders in the freezing cold when it's dark and snowy. I was disappointed, there's no doubt about it, but then I started to think of all the things I could do.

And one of those is going out in the snow and just having fun. So I put on my boots and kitted myself up in my purple hoodie thingy that my boys gave me for Xmas and went for a walk with all those gorgeous large flakes falling all around me and it was just fantastic! There was one hysterical moment when I passed some village kids and their dad out sledding and one of the kids called over, 'Hey Mum, is that you?' I'm afraid it made me laugh out loud as I shouted back, 'No, not your mum, but someone's!' At least their dad thought it was funny!

Yes, it really is me!
I'm so pleased I made my mind up in time to enjoy the white, before all those cars start squashing the fluffiness out of it and it just becomes grey smush. And now I can sit and relax for the rest of the day, knowing there's not much I need to do but stay warm and enjoy myself watching 6 Nations Rugby and old films.


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