Saturday, 30 January 2016

Hoarding pays off

I've always been a dreadful hoarder. It's mainly papers and things that I'm worried that I might need one day and so they get kept.

Of course, having a computer means there's lots more space, albeit ether space, to collect things and I sometimes wonder why I don't just put a lot of it in the trash. For instance, I've kept all the OU stuff from my Creative Writing course that I undertook in 2010. Not just my stuff, which I'd keep anyway, but everyone else's that I'd worked on or that they sent me.

Well today I had confirmation that keeping things isn't such a bad thing. A friend who's applying for an MA in Screenwriting was needing a poem she'd written, but had lost the USB stick she had with all her poems on in a recent move. She emailed me in bits. I looked at my old folder and there it was, complete with tutor comments.

Sometimes it's great to think that my bad habits can actually have a positive edge to them. I just hope this doesn't mean that my hoarding goes to the next level given my new drawer habit!

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