Saturday, 6 February 2016

So much fun!

The absolutely gorgeous Amber, labradoodle Guide Dog puppy turned up yesterday afternoon and it was just lovely to have her with me. She's so much fun. Really cute... not cuddly... but loves to lie touching me. I've missed having a puppy around, so I'm making the best of it while I can.

The gorgeously cute Amber

She reminds me of a teeny tiny Irish Wolfhound, but she's soooo small! I couldn't believe what it as like to have such a lightweight on the end of the lead. I mean, Odi, was such a strong girl and Vespa... well he was just a tank, so having a pup, who's tiny paws tap tap away and who, even when she pulls, has no weight behind her, is a revelation. Here's an example: She has 120 grams of food twice a day. Vespa had 200!

There's no point being sad that she's only staying for such a short time, but to relish the time she's with me.

I LOVE having a puppy here!

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