Thursday, 3 December 2015

In between

Uploading pics is a tedious business on this site, I can't drag and drop and it takes ages, so I thought I'd give you a quick update of this week's activities so far before I upload a second lot:

Monday came and went in a flurry of DIY that saw my door handle fixed, a transformer fixed so that the lights in my guest shower now actually work and a loo handle in the utility room loo that had to be taken back from whence it came and a completely new one ordered. Apart from that it was catching up with mail and email and getting myself back in the groove.

Tuesday was puppy class day and exhausting for both Vespa and I. It was our December class and all those going didn't want an Xmas party, but our Puppy Supervisor still wanted us to do games, so we had to do a doggy version of musical chairs without the music or the chairs. So what happened was that the 8 pups and puppy walkers had to walk round and then when she shouted out the instruction e.g. 'sit' all pups had to sit on command and the last one to do it was out. We started with the 'sit' and Vespa came 4th. But then we had an absolute triumph in 'down' and won! And after that, much to my surprise, we came 2nd in the 'stand'. Vespa was so exhausted by all this activity that he slept for a solid 7 hours after! Actually, if I'm honest I'd have liked to have slept for 7 hours too as I was just as exhausted, but had too much to get on with.

Wednesday was a frustrating day of bad weather and people supposed to be calling who didn't. I ended up having to make phone calls I'd have preferred not to make and going out for a walk in deep mud... something else I'd have preferred not to do. Ah well.

Then today. Well I had a great day. I had a lovely lunch with No. 2 Son and then went off to see a client and then back home to messages from people I wanted to hear from.

So it feels like the week is looking up, which isn't (quite frankly) compensation for this dreadful weather and my missing the South African sunshine. So hard to believe that such a short time ago I was hanging about in vest tops and shorts... well ok, bra and knickers for the most part in the last week to be honest, as I hung by Tracy's pool behind the walls that enclose her property... and now I'm wearing 4 layers of clothes and watching wall to wall grey skies zip by my windows in the high winds. At least so far we haven't had snow where I live, but I don't hold out much hope for that lasting for long.

I'll try to post the last of my holiday snaps this weekend.

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