Sunday, 27 December 2015

My Christmas

I had a really lovely Christmas Day. No. 2 Son did all the cooking (and did it brilliantly). I got some fab presents including a purple hoodie thingy, a candle in the shape of a wine bottle, a snazzy pink, sparkling Christmas wine glass, some real wine to put in it, a notebook in the shape of a V and a book I wanted.

Me wearing my hoodie thing, with my new glass and candle

Vespa had to sleep with me as I didn't dare leave him downstairs for fear of what he might eat overnight. He snores. 'Nuff said!

We watched films, played games and had lovely family time. Can't ask for more on Christmas Day.

Boxing Day I headed home and it was pretty scary out there. There were literally lakes on the road and the rain was unbelievable. I'm incredibly lucky to live in a village that just had water all over the road. Vespa and I went out for a quick walk in the rain and then battened down the hatches and stayed home in the dry and warm.

Today was a complete turnaround. The sun was shining and it was one of those sparkling Scottish winter days that make me feel good to be alive. I took Vespa for a walk in Bowmont Forest and he had a wonderful time jumping in muddy puddles and playing with all the doggy pals he came across. I came home via Kelso town and stopped to take a couple of pics. The Tweed was unbelievably high and sandbags were out in force.

Looking North across the Tweed to Kelso town

Looking South across the Tweed

Meanwhile Vespa has just 9 whole days left with me. I'm starting the countdown and it's not easy. Of course, he hasn't a clue and is just doing what he loves to do, sleep, eat, jump about in puddles and do lots of cuddling and he's getting lots of all of that... apart from the food that is, because ultimately I still have to adhere to Guide Dog rules, but he is allowed the odd bone or two and I've filled several with Marmite and cheese, one of his favourite things.

This probably won't be the last time you hear me say this, but I'm going to miss that dog!

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