Sunday, 6 December 2015

Holiday snaps part 2

We left Cape Town and headed on up the coast to Port Elizabeth. This is a view of Cape Town from on high along the road.

Leaving Cape Town

And then we were off to Hermanus, where we saw whales while having lunch. I don't have any photos because it's so difficult taking a pic of a whale, so you'll have to trust me, but just look at the colour of the water.

Tracy at Hermanus

From there we took the road up to Cape Agulhas, which is the southernmost point of Africa. It was windy and cold, but really spectacular.

At Cape Agulhas, Tracy in the Indian Ocean and me in the Atlantic Ocean

And then, after an overnight stop at Knysna where we had a lovely dinner overlooking the harbour, it was full on to Port Elizabeth.

Knysna harbour at sunset

Getting back to Tracy's house was really special. It's her first ever house and I felt so privileged to be the first person to be invited to stay. I also got to meet the gorgeous Senge, Tracy's Lhasa Apso pup, who's a month older than Vespa. He's really cute.

My first Senge cuddle

Tracy's garden with it's lovely pool.

How lovely is this?

We had a day to settle in, catch up with old friends and then it was time for Tracy to go back to work while I dog sat, read books and went for walks around the neighbourhood. Some mornings, before Tracy went to work, we would get up super early and go for a walk along the beach at PE or if there was time at the end of the day we'd head on down there. After one afternoon walk poor Senge was subjected to the humiliation of a wash. He was not amused!

A not very happy Lhasa Apso

It was lovely to have some downtime after the hecticness of Cape Town and there was sunshine to enjoy, friends to see and all in all had a wonderful time.

Then on the Saturday, on the one and only rainy, windy, grey day, Tracy and I went off to Kragga Kamma Game Park, which is in Port Elizabeth. It was a great way to spend such a not nice weatherwise day. We saw rhino (including a baby, but you'd never know it from this photo.

A rhino family, including a baby

A couple of waterbuck

A giraffe

5 cheetah caught in the drive-through gates

Kragga Kamma is such a good place to go to see wildlife as it's relatively small and so doesn't take all that long to drive around. We did have the unusual spectacle of 5 of the park's 6 cheetah caught between the drive-through gates (to keep them away from all the other wildlife) and we had to call the ranger to get them moved. The guy had to borrow Tracy's steering lock to bang on the gates to get them to move, as they were determined they were going to stay put.

After that we went to a bonsai exhibition and had to vote for our favourite. This was mine:

And then spent a pleasant afternoon at Tracy's great friend Sharon's house, which was lovely.

The next day the sun shone again and it helped with our plan to head off to Addo Elephant National Park, which is about an hour outside of PE, but before we did that we had my last walk on the beach.

Me with Senge on the beach

Addo is one of those places that can either be spectacular or disappointing on the ele spotting front. We started out for the first half hour driving around and all we spotted was a tortoise wandering along the road and a dung beetle.

A wandering tortoise

A dung beetle getting on with business

And just as we were about to give up hope, we suddenly spotted 2 young bull elephants having a bit of a mock fight.

And from there we headed for a waterhole, where we stayed for about 2 hours just watching several ele families coming and going. Spectacular!

We also spotted this gorgeous blue heron

this magnificent bird of prey

and many rather wonderful cloud formations

We also saw many kudu and various other kinds of antelope, zebra, warthog, but sadly no lions. It was a fab day out.

And the next day it was time to pack my case and get to the airport, where we had time for a quick bite and a selfie before it was time to get on my plane and leave South Africa.

A final selfie

It was truly one of the best holidays I've ever had!

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