Monday, 14 December 2015

Just 3 weeks to go

Yesterday was so startling weather-wise that it was a shock to wake up this morning to what felt like concrete sky.

The view over the Borders from Bowmont Forest yesterday

The all encompassing grey kind of matched my mood as No. 2 Son, who was supposed to be coming for a couple of days, had to cry off due to being really ill. I was so looking forward to seeing him, but would, of course, want him to stay warm and cossetted and to get better asap.

Then Vespa went into total bad behaviour as he went out in the garden and would not come in, no matter how much I called. All he did was sit and look at me over the wall with that 'Go on, make me!' look in his eyes. He was there in the same position for so long I had time to go inside and get my phone to take this pic:

'Go on Mum, make me!'

But still, the lure of food is just too much for the lab part of his brain and a quick rattle of his food bag and he was in like a shot. And this is the dog that's supposed to be a Guide Dog. I despair, I really do.

Once he was in we went off to drop off Xmas cards on our way to shopping in Galashiels and he got to have a lovely play with his labradoodle pal, Amber. He was so pleased. 

And then we went on a lovely walk in the local woods followed by a settling down for an afternoon of writing.

I've got a new pal who's a musician and he wanted some feedback on the words to his songs, so after sorting that out, I spent the rest of the day finishing off a book I've been given to review and then actually writing the review - it's called Shtum by Jem Lester by the way and is due out in April. I thought it was brilliant - and then I got down to some writing of my own. I've got a poem brewing, which is always a bit exhausting as all I seem to do is spend my time with words in my head and angsting about get them down on paper. I'm in for a sleepless night, I'm sure, which doesn't help as last night was spent fairly sleeplessly with one of the songs I was helping with going over and over in my mind.

Tonight I heard the news that Vespa will be leaving me on 6th January. I was already a bit emotional about his leaving and the reality of having a firm date is making me more so, but it had to happen and at least I know.

However it also left me with knowing that I'll be free on my birthday, so I've gone ahead and booked to go to Stobo Castle for a couple of days of pampering and at least that way I can do something to take my mind off Vespa not being here.

And now I have 3 weeks (minus a couple of days at the end of this week when I head off to London for party time) of cuddles to enjoy and enjoy them I will!

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