Sunday, 29 November 2015

Holiday snaps part 1

At last I can post some of my holiday pics... don't worry, I won't post them all!

There was a slight hold-up as I couldn't find the cable to take the pics from my camera to my computer, but then had a brainwave and discovered the errant cable in a 'safe place'. Just possibly a touch too safe!

Anyway, here goes:

I'm going to start with a pic of where I was staying in the Malay Quarter in Cape Town. No. 91 Wale Street is the bright yellow house and every day there were films being taken across the street and also of my building. It was very central and a great place to stay.

I stayed in the bright yellow house in the colourful Malay Quarter of Cape Town

A film crew across the street. This lot were doing an advert for shoes.

Next is the aquarium. This pic made me laugh. It's of the 'predator exhibit' and I hope you can see the divers in there. They invite people to dive with the sharks and other fish, but I did have this wonder as to whether the people knew they were part of the exhibit.

Who are the real predators?

Then I went of to Bird Land and, although I found it a bit sad in places as the cages seemed quite small, I thought the red ibis where pretty gorgeous.

Red ibis

This next is from Beau Constantia, a wine place that I stopped at for lunch. What I found rather hysterical about this (and you have to look hard to spot it) is the couple who were on a romantic date (at least that's how they started) were on their phones for most of the meal, but her phone cover was a pink plastic hand mirror. For some reason I thought it was hysterically funny!

Can you spot her pink mirror?

These next pics are from when I went to Kirstenbosch Gardens with friends of my mother. They were very kind to me and Wilhelmina was very good for my ego as she told me she couldn't believe she was only 6 years older than me.

Wilhelmina and me at the cheetah sculpture in Kirstenbosch

Views across the gardens

The next one is from the tourist bus looking back over Camps Bay. The colour of the sea was unbelievable.

View from the tourist bus

Next is just a couple from skydiving. If you're my friend on Facebook you'll already have seen these (and a few more)... the first one is of me and Rob freefalling and the second is safe on the ground and feeling pretty damn good.

Freefalling over South Africa
Feeling great!

Here's a rather lovely pic of the harbour at Saldahna where we had lunch. We were overlooking this semi-sunken boat that had been there for some time as loads of birds had made their nests on the masts.

The harbour at Saldahna

And then from there we went off to Tracy's friend Debbie, who lives in Blauberg, in a super modern house which overlooks Table Mountain across the water.

The view from Debbie's house in Blauberg

A walk on the beach and an iconic view of Table Mountain as the sun was beginning to go down

The next day we went to Robben Island. Here's a pic of the two of us with (yes, again) Table Mountain in the background.

On Robben Island

And then we were off to Cape of Good Hope, stopping off on the way to see the penguins and then onto the Cape itself.

Penguins on a rock. The sea is such an incredible colour

On our way to the Cape... what a view!

Tracy heading out to the actual point of the Cape. She's done quite a bit of rock climbing. I wasn't going there!

We went off to Signal Hill after the Cape to watch the sunset as Table Mountain was closed as it was too windy. The sky was amazing.

Looking over Cape Town from Signal Hill

How gorgeous is this?

 And then we actually went to Table Mountain. Here's a pic of Signal Hill going up in the cable car

Signal Hill from on high

If you've read my holiday blog posts you'll know I met the French couple I skydived with on the top. Totally surreal!

Skydive buddies
There were some very cheeky birds at the cafe.

Waiting for us to share our crisps!

And that evening we went to the outdoor cinema at Kirstenbosch Gardens.

Waiting for Breakfast at Tiffany's to start

After this, it was time to leave Cape Town and head on up to Port Elizabeth. I'll post some more pics in a day or so.

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