Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Guide dog? Not at this rate!

Every day Vespa and I have our routine. I get up, get a cuppa, feed him, have my breakfast then go upstairs to get myself showered and dressed, while Vespa goes back to sleep.

Today, after having my shower, I heard something strange going on downstairs, so went down to investigate and there was carnage... he'd decimated his bed and was sitting in the corner looking guilty as hell at the stuffing spread all over the kitchen floor! I was not thrilled. Luckily I have another bed in the other corner of the kitchen, so he can sleep on that til it's time to go off next week. I just have to hope that one lasts or he'll be back in his cage for the last few days.

We got ourselves ready for the day and went off to meet up with Freda, one of the lovely people who has boarded Vespa for me when I've been away. She wanted a final cuddle, so we decided on cup of something at Abbotsford. When I got there, Freda was ready and waiting so I got Vespa out of the car and he shot off to greet her by doing all the no-no things like jumping up at her and being really silly. He was determined that she must have a dog in the boot of her car and she even opened it to show him there was nothing and he jumped in to check it out and was most disgruntled when he couldn't  find said dog! It was hysterically funny.

We went for a short walk, where he picked up sticks and all kinds of stuff... another Guide Dog no-no and by the time we actually got our drinks in the cafe he was so hyped he took ages to settle. However, settle he did eventually and Freda and I had a lovely chat, while he slept.

Beginning to settle in Abbotsford cafe

Last pic with Freda

After that Vespa and I went shopping to make sure I've got enough food to see me over the New Year and he was reasonable in the supermarket. Then I decided I'd take him on a walk in the woods as tomorrow we're due awful weather so there won't be much walking done then.

We got there and there was a couple with their dog, who isn't all that keen on Vespa, but would Vespa leave him alone? Of course not! He refused to come when called and just kept running at the dog until I managed to grab him and stick his lead on. I let him off once they were out of sight, but he just turned round and shot off back to try and get the dog to play with him. I was not happy and it was quite embarrassing trying to grab him again and stick him back on the lead. After that, I'm sorry to say, I'd had it and I walked him back to the car in disgrace.

What's going on with my lovely biddable pup? Does he know he's due to go off to proper training and is already putting in his objections? Seems like it to me. It's not going to sound good when they ask me what he's like if I have to say: poor recall, jumps up at people, picks up sticks, takes ages to settle in public places, eats his bedding and can be very silly. No that won't go down well at all.

Vespa being very, very silly!

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