Tuesday, 8 December 2015

That's my boy!

Vespa was absolutely fantastic today. He had to be.

I'd booked a session at the Genius bar at the Apple store in Prince's Street. My poor old MacBook Pro, when faced with the new upgrade when I got back from South Africa, went into shock and promptly went into a coma. We got there for our 13.30 appointment at 13.15 and we finally left at 16.10.

When I made the appointment I thought I'd be going in, explaining the problem and leaving my laptop. Then I'd go back at some point in the future, pay a fortune and all would be well. Was I ever wrong!

So, what actually happened was: we waited for our appointment to be told by the very lovely Chris that we'd have to wait while it all uploaded. It would take an hour. Of course when he said an hour, he meant an Apple hour, not an earth hour. And of course this was the one day I'd left my book at home.

Vespa and I were allowed out for a quick break with all kinds of lovely Apple people watching over our things while we went walkabout. I even got so bored I almost bought a new iPhone 6, but just as my computer had decided to come to life the thought of staying another 20 minutes while they uploaded all the stuff from my old iPhone 4S to a new phone was just too much to bear. I declined to give them lots of my money and instead just packed up my laptop and asked how much I needed to pay.

'Nothing' the lovely Chris said, 'it's all free.' And then he said, 'You don't need a new phone. What ain't broke don't fix.' I almost kissed him, but managed to refrain.

Vespa was just pleased to get out of there, hop on a bus and get to the car and get on home to his evening meal.

Just to prove that he was behaving well, there was another Guide Dog puppy who came into the store about an hour before we left. A labradoodle whose name I can't remember, but he's 17 months and off to Forfar next Tuesday. Vespa had a look, but for the first time ever didn't go completely bonkers and try and play. Instead he just lay there being perfect. I could've kissed him too (as well as the lovely Chris) but he was slobbering at the time, so thought better of it!

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