Saturday, 12 December 2015

Vespa becomes an adult....

.... well according to Guide Dogs that is. According to him he's still a puppy, albeit a big one.

He's had his food changed today from Large Breed Puppy 0-24 months to Large Breed Adult. This is in lieu of his impending departure in approximately 4 weeks time and they want me to get him used to his new adult status, so when he actually gets to the Guide Dog School in Forfar at least his food won't be something else new he has to get used to.

Of course all this is making me feel quite emotional. The two of us have settled into our life together very easily and I know he's going to be really hard to send away.

When Odi went I felt pretty emotional, but there was all that business with her coming and going and anyway I had Vespa to take the pain away as he arrived the day after she left. Of course when she came back that was hard enough for me and then when it was time for her to go again, Vespa was so much part of my life. It doesn't help that he's a bit of a 'mummy's boy' whereas Odi seemed to me to be more self-contained and I think that's making it harder.

Harder still is the fact that I won't be taking on another puppy at least until I get back from Thailand in July as I don't think it'd be fair on a pup to be away for 2 months. I will, however, be a boarder so will take on pups if their Puppy Walkers are off on their hols, but in reality I don't think it'll be that often.

So adult or not, I love having my cuddly boy to curl up next to me of an evening and I'm sure going to miss my great big 'tank'.

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