Thursday, 24 December 2015

Strange happenings

Here we are on Christmas Eve and I'm getting ready to head on up to Edinburgh to spend the next 48 hours being looked after by the men in my life.

Meanwhile I wanted to report a few of the strange things that have been happening here.

Vespa and I have had the same routine since he was very small. We get up, get our respective breakfasts and then I leave him for about an hour to go and get myself ready for the day while he settles down and waits til I come back down to get himself up and at 'em. The last month or so has seen him settled, but chewing his piece of vet bed that he sleeps on. That was going to go with him to Forfar and I can only hope it lasts the next 2 weeks or I'll have to have a rethink. But the last couple of days, instead of being settled, as well as chewing his vet bed piece, he seems to spend his time flinging his bed across the kitchen. I don't know what's brought this on.

I've also managed to lose my watch. I know it's in the house. In fact I know it's upstairs, but can I find it? Hell no! This house has a habit of swallowing things and then they miraculously show up again at some point. For example, I was given a sample of make-up stuff to try by a friend in South Africa. I knew I'd put it somewhere, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I looked and looked and then emailed her to say how sorry I was that I couldn't give her any feedback on it and then went into the bathroom where I'd searched every nook and cranny over a 2 day period and there it was on the shelf. I only hope it's not too long before I find the watch again as it's strange, given that I've had it for 35 years, to be without it.

And then there's the bottle top. I use a plastic bottle to put my filtered water in to put in the kettle. Ok, I know this sounds a touch complicated, but it works for me. Well last night I took the top off, turned round to fill the kettle, turned back and the top was nowhere to be seen. And I still can't find it.

To be frank, it's all a bit weird and I'm hoping that the house gods, whoever they may be, see fit to return my things to me as soon as possible.

So good people, may I take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas wherever you are in the world. Have fun!

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