Thursday, 30 April 2015

Big mistake!

After quite an uneventful day in Bangkok yesterday I decided to have an easy evening with a bath and a bit of down time. I read in the hotel blurb that if you go to the bar and order certain drinks before 8 pm you get a double and then a free one... well there's an invitation!

Ok, so at 7.45 off I went, armed and ready. I decided on a martini, but I hadn't realised how much gin they put in one. It was a triple.... and a wipe of martini.... I did have some food, honest, but by the time I'd finished the first martini I was pretty much done for. I managed approximately one quarter of the second free one before I had to call it a day.

During the day I did some shopping and bought myself some fruit for breakfast and as I have a lovely coffee machine in my room I thought that would be good enough rather than the overpriced breakfast the hotel offers. But the only problem was I couldn't find any coffee capsules.

I weaved my rather drunken way to reception and asked if I could have a coffee capsule sent up. No problem and they were incredibly apologetic. I then weaved my way all the way to my room on the 4th floor. There was a guy from housekeeping there and I told him of my situation - actually my initial thought was 'blimey, that was quick of housekeeping' but it turned out that he was just there to tidy up my room and turn the sheets down. It was with extreme embarrassment that he showed me the coffee capsule in the cupboard! Ah well... I asked if I could have another... better to brazen it out. No problem. Capsule no. 2 now in the cupboard.

I got undressed and washed and the door bell went. It was housekeeping with 2 coffee capsules for me. I brazened it out again and gratefully accepted them.

Tonight I'm not going anywhere near those martinis... no sirree!

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