Thursday, 16 April 2015

Illegal pic

The clients are rolling in! No... not really... that was yet another of my exaggerations, but I have had 2 more wanting my services and they seem to have got a lot out of it, so that's good.

In fact the guy I saw yesterday rushed up to me this morning to tell me how well he slept and how impressed he was with me. Can't ask for better than that.

Yesterday one of the people who gives treatments wanted to swap with me i.e. she does a treatment with me and then I do some Qiqong with her. She gave me a reflexology session, which was fab and then this afternoon I did an hour's Qiqong with her. From this she has asked me to go to dinner with her before I go. How lovely is that?

It was while we were doing our Qiqong session outside in the searing heat (we were in a covered pavilion, but it was still boiling hot) that one of the receptionist's rushed out to tell me another client wanted my services after the Qiqong session. This was fine, but to be honest facing a client with an extremely red face from the exertion in the heat was not very cool. I tried to calm my burning cheeks down by flinging water at myself, but then I just got water down the front of my shirt and trousers... not my most professional look, however the client was so stressed out I don't think she noticed!

So now it feels a bit like I'm winding down to the end and in honour of that I took my phone with me last night to try and take a pic of the banyan tree that is ancient and utterly beautiful. They light it up at night and it takes on this eerie existence and looks like it was part of the film set for Avatar. You probably can't see the fronds in this pic, but they are truly stupendous.

The banyan tree at night

I'll try to get a pic of it in daylight, but might well have to hide my phone and wait for the phone police to pass so I won't get caught!

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