Sunday, 5 April 2015

Some Easter beach pics

 I actually managed to remember to take my phone with me when I went for my early evening walk (around 5.30 pm) yesterday. It's Easter here too and many people have taken to the beach. There's even pony rides for those who want. Sadly the tide was in so couldn't walk to the mountain in the first pic, so went a little that way then turned around and went back towards Hua Hin (2nd pic).

Towards the mountain

Pony rides on the beach

We had a lunar eclipse, or blood moon, last night when we were eating at the Easter barbecue. It was the most beautiful night sky and not only was the food great we were also given free glasses of wine courtesy of the management, which was lovely.

I've had a bit of work, but not much and today I've had no-one so I spent my time this morning doing aquarobics then eating to put back what I lost during exercise. The perfect combination!

One very sad story - they had 3 small live rabbits in a small pen in the foyer (which has no door, so you just come up the steps and straight into the hotel). Well they also have stray cats hanging around... there was only one rabbit left by last night and once they noticed what had happened they put a dome cover over the top. Sad that they didn't think of that before. It actually made me want to cry.

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