Sunday, 19 April 2015

Almost time

After a really lovely couple of days where I had clients and my groups went very well and we also had Chiva Som's 20th anniversary celebrations, lots of sun, lots of sitting by the pool, lots of eating too much, I got invited out to dinner tonight by a very sweet Japanese holistic therapist. She decided on a restaurant down by the harbour in a part of town I've never been.

The place was quite a ways away, so we hopped on her motorbike and it was really lovely to have the wind in my face on such a warm night. We went to a Thai fish restaurant and ordered enough food for 4 or 5, so we ended up taking away more than we ate.

Of course I forgot my camera! Never mind though as she had her tablet and she took a couple of pics which I'm hoping to get copies of tomorrow.

Meanwhile I have had some kindnesses come my way in the shape of being given a new Chiva Som flask by one of the clients - I had one of the old style ones and was hankering after a new one, so now I have one of each. And also I was given a bottle of coconut oil by another client, after a conversation about how I needed my tan to develop a bit quicker otherwise Mountain Man, who has just got to Kathmandu, might well be browner than me and that would never do. I've had some lovely conversations with people, and what with being taken out to dinner tonight I reckon I've been doing pretty well.

I'm now on my wind down. Only 2 more days and then I have to be up at 4 in the morning to leave here to get my flight to Kathmandu on Wednesday morning.

I can't believe it's almost at an end.

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