Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Work? What work?

Today I had 3 hours where I was actually doing something. The first was getting familiar with the computer system and signing in etc, the next with the Health and Wellness Advisors and the last with the Russian liaison person.

And that, folks, was my first day of work.

The sad bit is that I can't go and lie in the sun or loll about in my cozzie, I have to be dressed and ready to go at a moment's notice. Frankly, I can't see my services are going to be needed that much so it's probably going to be a few weeks of doing not much at all and not really being able to relax much either. On the plus side I am allowed to take part in activities if I'm not needed (today I did Ai Chi - a form of Qiqong done in the swimming pool), which at least is something to wile away the hours.

Luckily the food is superb and it has occurred to me that if no-one comes to see me they're going to be out of pocket by quite an amount, but I suppose that's the chance they (and I) take.

I know how you love the poetry challenge so here's the final one for the course I'm on: this week we have to pick anything we might find in Noah's Ark and attempt some anthropomorphism of our own or see if our research turns up any beautiful 'double life' kind of moments. We were given 'Bodies' by Miriam Gamble as an example. You'd think with the lack of actual work I have I'd be able to spend my time coming up with something, but no, I've got my usual struggle!


  1. It's a hard life and a difficult job but someone's got to do it? You should have taken a guide with you. :)

    1. And that someone just as well may be me!
      Not sure about needing a guide, I haven't got lost once the last 2 days :)