Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Not my finest hour

This morning I duly got up at 6, did my morning meditation and then at quarter to 7 headed on down to the Tai Chi Pavilion, which overlooks the beach, ready to take my class.

Only one person, who I shall call T, showed up and not long after we started T said she thought she was going to faint. I called the nurse (I was desperately trying to remember all my First Aid just in case), who duly arrived and pronounced T with low blood pressure and possibly low blood sugar (she'd had one glass of water before coming) wherein T announced that she has always suffered from low blood pressure and maybe the alcohol she drank at last night's party was affecting her (duh!). The nurse left, I got T an orange juice and she recovered enough for us to do maybe ten minutes of Qiqong. Not the best start.

However, all is not lost. I now have 2 more clients booked with me. I know one of them (I can't give names but she's very well known in Australia) will definitely be coming and she wants to do Qiqong cos she told me so at lunch today, but the other one? I'll have to wait and see.

Because I didn't have anyone booked this afternoon I took the time off and lazed around by the pool reading a book. Actually I didn't have anyone this morning either, so I lazed around on my balcony. It's a bit sad really cos we have to be available at a moment's notice if we're still in work mode so it feels like time off, but not really. Hence booking the afternoon out where I could leave my phone back in my room and not have to glance at it every now and then to make sure I haven't missed anything.

Basically, I still get messages, which I delete and I presume are from the phone company, but I haven't a clue as they're all in Thai. If the hotel phones me they at least don't leave texts so I get a 'missed call' and can phone back. I keep my fingers crossed that I'm not missing anything by deleting things, but I'm pretty sure I'm not.

Tonight is Christophe, the yoga guy's last night so we're having a bit of a get together in the restaurant. He initially asked me if I wanted to do the beer run again, but we decided it was less hassle staying in the hotel and being sensible.

And so my life goes on. Only 7 days left!


  1. My god it's a hard life, how do you cope? X

    1. It's very hard and I'm pleased that I'm the one who gets to do it :)