Thursday, 2 April 2015

Can it ever be too hot?

The answer is 'yes'! Today, when I came back from my lunch, it was 30 degrees and that was in my room (where the windows were closed and the shutters down) before I put the aircon on so you can just imagine what it was like outside. I really felt for the poor security people who have to stand in their uniforms all day.

It was so hot that I delayed my planned walk and decided to go to the cool of the gym and go on one of the machines instead. I got my gym gear on and trotted off down there, paying a visit to the loo on my way. As I think I explained, there is a strict no mobile phone policy here, but as a visiting consultant I have to carry one in case a client wants to have a session with me. But we're not allowed to be seen using a mobile.

So imagine my horror when, in the secrecy of the ladies loo, I took out my phone and realised I'd missed a call. I tried to call back, but the person on the desk's English wasn't so good so I ended the call, stuck the dress I was carrying in my bag on top of my gym gear and headed for the reception desk. I had people to see... not clients, but Wellness Advisors, who advise the clients they have what treatments they might like to partake in and so doing my work with them they can know exactly what I do. As I had half an hour to go I then went to the gym.

This was not my best plan as after 20 sweaty minutes and no time for a shower I had to cool down and get my room ready. Some people have to learn the hard way! Still, it was fun to actually be doing some work instead of wandering around like a spare part. And better than that, with the 2nd person, who had a personal problem, she really got what I was doing and came away really relaxed and energised and went off to tell her pals all about how great the session was. The first person not so much so as she didn't have any specific problems and it's always easier to deal with something real. But in my view one out of two ain't bad and is a good start.

Tonight I have to give my presentation to the guests and am keeping everything crossed that I've pitched it right. I'll let you know.

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  1. Yay great stuff, hope the presentation goes really well. The wonders of technology. Sounds like progress. XX