Saturday, 11 April 2015

A bit of home in downtown Hua Hin

Last night I hived myself off to the Night Market, but as it's Sonkran (Thai New Year) too, the market was doubly markety. Apparently the real 'fun' starts tonight when, because it's a water festival, people soak you at every opportunity, hence I opted for last night as I wasn't sure if I was quite ready for a soaking. It can get quite vicious with folk using water guns according to the newspapers and some high velocity water guns have already been confiscated by the Government.

The market was a bit like a Thai version of Portobello Road on a Saturday. You can buy lots of cheap stuff that you don't really want and eat quite a lot while you're doing it. Naturally I forgot to take either my phone or my camera, so no pics I'm afraid.

I didn't buy anything, but on my way there I passed a Tesco, so decided on the way back, just for old times sake, to pop in and get something to snack on. Instead of a loyalty card though you get a stamp a bit like the old Green Shield ones (now I really am showing my age). I didn't like to decline as it seemed like I was supposed to take it and be jolly pleased, so now I'm the proud owner of one, fairly insignificant looking Tesco loyalty stamp. Wonder what they'd make of that in the Tesco in Galashiels?

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