Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The serious business of getting a tan

Today was my day off and it was wonderful. I got a crap book from the library and, after breakfast, took myself off to the pool where I sat under the shade of an umbrella and had short swims until lunch. After lunch I did exactly the same. What could be better on a lovely hot day than reading in the shade, having the odd dip in the pool and then back to reading?

At 4 ish it was getting a touch cooler so I ventured out of the shade for half an hour, then took myself away from the pool, got changed and headed off into Hua Hin. I wandered around for about an hour and half... the only weird thing happening that I came across a Boots The Chemist downtown, which struck me as a bit incongruous. Hua Hin isn't the life and soul, but it had lots of shops and stalls to keep me amused. Then it was back for dinner.

Staying in the shade meant that my tan is progressing slowly, but I'm looking a whole lot browner than when I came... not that that would be difficult coming from Scotland where it was snowing the day before I left, though Mountain Man assures me that the temperature at home has been in the 20's so he's happy. Here it's been more like 37, which means it's difficult to stay out in it for long, hence spending my day umbrella-bound.

I'd be seriously pissed off though if MM's tan was better than mine when we eventually meet in Kathmandu, and I mean SERIOUSLY. It had better not happen... MM you have been warned!


  1. A lovely way to spend a day, it's a hard life as an international travelling mindfulness consultant. It's warm here but no time for sunbathing. Far too busy fighting with dogs :)

    1. Phew... that's a relief. The no time for sunbathing, not the fighting with dogs obv :)
      Yes, it was a seriously good day. I'm thinking I might have to have more days off when I get home!!