Friday, 10 April 2015

Half way

Today is officially my half way in my work experience at Chiva Som.

My equation didn't add up in the end as one client cancelled and then I got hundreds of mosquito bites... well ok, that's an exaggeration, but 12 is still a lot and at it's itchiest it feels like hundreds.

The one client I have had has booked to see me 3 times and is coming on really well. I also bumped into the head of HR today and we got talking and now she's also booked a session with me to come and do some Qiqong. It just so happens that her session is the day before I leave, when I officially don't have an office and am on holiday and no longer a worker, but hey, didn't think it was polite to decline as they're giving me an extra night here free of charge and a chauffeur drive to the airport to catch my plane, so fair dues.

I've spent some of my spare time reading novels from the library (saving my Kindle for when I'm on my official hols is Nepal): Home Truths by Freya North, which was light reading and perfect for sunny afternoons with not much to do; Close Relations by Deborah Moggach, which was slightly more intense and now I'm onto Bad Karma by David Saffier. It's not bad, just not brilliant, but it was the front cover that attracted me.

The rest of my time is split between sitting on my balcony just being and going to fitness classes such as pilates, aquarobics and gyrokenesis.

It would be nice to have more people who want to come and see me, but actually it's also ok as it is, so if not much changes over the next 10 days you won't hear me fussing.

Here's a selfie of me ready for going to the Mocktail Party (which happens once a week and where the guests can meet the staff and drink a mocktail or two), which as usual isn't such a great photo, but I thought it would give you an idea of nicely developing tan.

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