Sunday, 1 July 2012

No change

For some rather odd reason I seem to be one of those people who only have weird accidents, which sadly, on the whole, have had a devastating effect. I'm sincerely hoping my latest isn't one of those.

There I was getting myself ready to go out food shopping when I tripped on the stairs. Now I'm sure you'll be thinking, 'Well, so what? That's not much to be worried about.' And if you weren't me you'd be right. You see several years ago I had to have my toes straightened, so they don't bend at all and when I tripped I caught my toes and found myself in intense agony. I hobbled around for a while but knew I had to go shopping as my man is due home tonight and the fridge and cupboard were bare. So I put on the softest shoes I could manage and drove to Kelso, which wasn't too bad. Walking round the supermarket was a different story!

I got home and instead of doing all the tidying and stuff I was supposed to do I took to my bed and have been watching stupid films on TV and reading instead.

Oh well, the house was a mess when Mountain Man left and so he probably won't notice much difference. And given that when he left last Monday I was still in bed, I shall be in exactly the same position when he comes home tonight... I'll bet he'll feel like he's never been away!


  1. Aaahhhh it's lovely to be home xxx :)

  2. And great to have you back x

  3. Er ..Scuse me?... not interrupting anything am I?
    Just popped in to wish you a speedy recovery!

  4. Tee hee Denise and thank you!