Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The perils of not working

I got all excited for a while yesterday as the sun revealed itself for what felt like the first time in ages in the Scottish Borders. Then last night it just went back to what has seemed the way it is this summer and rained and rained and rained.

It's done pretty much nothing else again today, which I'm finding most depressing. So depressing in fact that I've not been able to get on with too much and I'm realising how easy it is, when not having work to go to every day, to fritter away my time. I have a list of 14 things I'm supposed to be getting on with, but so far I've done just 4. 

I did, however, manage to do one thing that wasn't even on the list, which was to pull out our bed and vacuum under it. I hate to think how long it was since I did that, but suffice it to say it needed it badly. The downside of doing that is that I now feel even more depressed at the thought of having to clean and tidy the rest of the house.

But, as with everything there's always an upside. How amazing to think what I can get done instead of those dreaded 10 things that are still staring at me from my list!

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