Monday, 9 July 2012

Blogger problems

Have you heard about the malware problem which means that apparently thousands of computers were due to be shut down by the FBI today? I was alerted to this yesterday just as I was trying to leave a comment on two other blogs to find that Blogger wasn't letting me and I began to wonder if my computer was infected. 

It was an immense relief to wake up this morning to find that my computer was working and that no FBI interference, as far as I could tell, had happened. However, Blogger is still not working properly and unfortunately I still haven't been able to leave the comments I wanted on the two friend's blogs, which is very frustrating.

So I have decided to leave my comments here instead just in case they swing by for a read:

To Phil at The Venice Project:
Be thankful you're not in Scotland, where heatwave is something so far from our experience of summer that 30+ and 90% humidity sounds just wonderful... tho the pants situation might be a step too far even for us poor summer starved folk!

To Karen at The Curate's Egg :
An Omelette and a Glass of Wine by Elizabeth David was my undoing. I couldn't get on with it at all and admit to only getting half way through it even though it was for my reading group. Luckily the weather intervened and I couldn't go to the meeting! Maybe it was the wrong book at the wrong time and I should try again?

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