Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Two good things in one day

There I was sitting minding my own business yesterday afternoon when I got a message on Twitter. I'd won a prize!

When I'd turned my computer on in the morning I'd noticed a Facebook message from Nicola Morgan that asked people to make a comment and be in for a shout for the draw for her latest ebook called 'Dear Agent'. Three names would be randomly selected. I thought I might as well comment. Then I noticed that she was doing the same on her blog, but this time only two would be selected. I decided to give that a go too.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that I was one of the two who'd been selected from her blog. Ok, well she spelled my name wrong, but it's a free book and, although I don't have anything remotely written that would demand to be put before an agent, I like Nicola's writing and it's free so I can forgive her that.

The book, which isn't out til the end of the month, will be winging it's way to me via email as soon as. How exciting!

A month or so back I was telling you all about Mountain Man having to wear a 24 hour blood pressure monitor that forced him to go sleep in the spare room as the bloody thing was beeping every half hour. The outcome of that was that the GP called him in for a chat a couple of weeks ago and strongly advised that he take blood pressure tablets as his bp was a bit high. He capitulated as these tablets were the least invasive of all the suggestions that have been made.

Well... yesterday for the first time ever, MM's blood pressure was lower than mine. He was delighted.

I'm not so sure I like the fact that my 'Lowest Blood Pressure in the House' status is at risk, but it is all in a good cause and I'm sure I can live with it, as long as the competition doesn't send my bp soaring.


  1. Good news on both counts.

    Better get writing Vee!

  2. How lovely to win the book Vee. And good news about MM too. I'm off to investigate Nicola Morgan's website now.

  3. I know Karen. I'm struggling with writing right now, so lots of reading, which hopefully will help.

    Her website is very good Denise. Lots of sensible tips... she doesn't call herself Crabbit for nothing tho!