Friday, 1 June 2012

Home and away

I was up in my old stamping ground, Inverness, this week. It was a real chore driving up the A9 and it made me think about how often I used to do that journey only a few years ago and how I never really thought about it. I've obviously become a Southern Softie!

It was also quite serendipitous that a bunch of my old workmates were having a work 'away day' in the same building where I was facilitating a teaching event, and so I had an opportunity to catch up with them, which was lovely.

When I left home on Sunday it was around 25 degrees and stayed that way pretty much all the way up. I wore my shorts and a vest top to drive in, which was eminently sensible. What wasn't quite so sensible was, that although I'd taken a variety of clothing just in case it turned back to winter overnight, I'd forgotten my waterproof jacket. And it did turn virtually into winter. A wopping 15 degrees colder in 12 hours!

I had a bit of a dilemma with the 'no jacket' situation as my plan had been to drive back to Edinburgh on Wednesday morning and go to my poetry group in the afternoon and then to a physio appointment and stay in Edinburgh overnight ready for work yesterday and then another stay over as I had an art thing followed by dinner last night. But the weather forecast said cold and rain for Thursday and I thought of the sense of trucking round Edinburgh with no jacket and decided against it.

Due to circumstances of a social nature I didn't make it to my poetry group and headed on back to the Borders after my physio and then got up early yesterday. Was I pleased I did! It bucketed down all day and although I always carry my brolly in the car, there was no way that would've been enough.

However, here I am at home now. A bit sick and tired of all the driving I've done this week and determined to have a bit of a low key weekend.

Mountain Man is off to do some medicking with the Search and Rescue guys tonight for the Jim Clark Rally. I'm not going along as I don't think I'd relish all those petrol heads for more than a couple of hours in our not-so-warm-anymore-summer, but tomorrow may well find me sitting on my stoop watching all them boys and their toys racing around our roads.

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