Sunday, 17 June 2012

I feel like an adult

A weekend in Edinburgh, which was marred only by the weather. I think 'deluge' is the appropriate word. I got absolutely soaked when out on a shopping mission and immediately put the heating on and watched the tennis from Queen's Club in my pj's while waiting for my trousers to dry on the radiator.

Mountain Man joined Matchgirl on a date with destiny... or rather Chi Running... at Meadowbank where they spent the day freezing their arses off along with 3 other brave souls. They learned loads apparently, all about their bad running habits and are both now in the process of changing their running style. It's actually very good but takes a while to get used to. Matchgirl told us about it and I've been trying out Chi Walking (obviously a grade down from my faster compatriots) for the past month.

The three of us went out to David Bann's for our meal, which was lovely and then back to ours for a bit more wine. I was very encouraged this morning when I had no evidence of hangover in spite of the amount of alcohol consumed... a bonus in my book!

And just as MM and I were about to enjoy a leisurely Sunday he got a call-out from Borders Search and Rescue and so off he went to do his duty. I'm pleased to report that the person they were looking for was found still alive, but poorly, as the elderly guy had been lying out in a field since Friday. He was carted off to hospital and the latest info is that his body temperature is steadily increasing. Unbelievable that he survived given how cold and horrible the last few days have been.

Meanwhile I came home and settled down to watch the tennis final only to have it cut short as David Nalbandian took out his temper on a court official's chair and in so doing injured said official and was immediately disqualified. So in the middle of the second set there was no more tennis. What a disappointing end. I wanted Cilic to win, but not like that. Roll on Wimbledon!

The only other thing I wanted to tell you is this: as you're aware I have been trying contact lenses for the past few months and a few weeks ago I got a call from my provider to say there was some problem with the dailies I'd been using and could I try some others. I made the decision that it might be good to try monthlies instead. I don't know why, but it has kind of made me feel grown-up in contact lens terms. So now I've joined the brigade of adult contact wearers. I just wish I wasn't quite so cack-handed with them as I keep losing them. I found one on the edge of the sink last night when I thought I'd put it in it's place in the cleaning fluid. I might just have to go back to being a child again at this rate!


  1. Chi Walking sounds interesting. Tell me more!

  2. To sum up Karen, it's about walking with your core muscles engaged and changing your foot strike. Less tiring, more efficient and better for your body... at least that's the theory!

  3. That sounds a good theory. I try running from time to time, but I just don't like it. Walking on the other hand...

  4. The book is called Chi Walking by Danny and Katherine Dreyer.