Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Home alone

I spent a lot of yesterday morning in tears. The reality of not having Nell around hit hard and I ended up doing what I always do when upset, which is a) clean and b) play stupid computer games. I did quite a bit of both. And then, come midday, there was Wimbledon to watch.

I love Wimbledon for so many reasons. The fact that all the players have to wear white somehow seems to make a difference to all the other majors and, the screamers aside (who I absolutely refuse to watch until the semis when I'm forced to), the first day was great.

I thought I'd post this photo, which I first posted in 2009, which is Nell lying on her back watching the French Open and always makes me smile.

Lying on the bed watching the French Open in June 2009

This morning saw sunshine and Magic Bob and I went out bowling. Apparently we've both been asked to fill in for the League team in a couple of weeks when some people are away. I'll have to think about that one as after my last debacle I'm not so sure I want to play. Bob is also up in arms about it, but we've decided we'll wait and see.

Then I took Nell's food and bedding down to the vet's. A friend of ours is the vet nurse there and I know her dogs will appreciate the treats; the bed, poop bags and food (for dogs with delicate stomachs) can be used at the vet's. We've decided to give her bowls to the Dog's Home we got her from on The Black Isle up in the Highlands, where we're headed in August for our friend's retiring party, so we'll drop those off then. And now the house seems even emptier. However, there are so many dog hairs in all the carpets that I know she'll be with us for quite a while longer... and I feel I have a poem about that coming on. It's brewing!

And finally, after lots of washing, drying and more vacuuming I settled down to watch the second day at Wimbledon. It was great to see Andy Murray playing with a degree of intensity that I'd not seen before and for the first time in quite a while he actually won through a first round match in 3 sets. I do hope he continues in that vein.

The only problem with Wimbledon and not having a dog to walk is that I fear for my fitness. Even though Nell wasn't walking much in the last couple of months at least I was forced out twice a day. I'm not sure I can count bowls as exercise exactly and at the rate I'm going I'll be lucky to make it past the washing line for the next two weeks, but at least my man is making up for it. After a day of frustration route marking from London to the coast he reached Dover tonight and is heading across the Channel to start marking on French soil tomorrow. I think he's doing enough for both of us... or at least that's my excuse!


  1. Oh that's so sad Vee!I've never managed to last long without a dog, they are such an integral part of every day life for me. But there are plenty of smelly hairies here who need walks and cuddles. Not long until the week-end:-)

  2. Whenever one of the animals has died I've still had the others to look after, so this complete aloneness is a first for me. But over the last few years as John's and my job situation has changed it's become increasingly obvious that our life style, at the moment at least, is made so much easier by not having the responsibility. Just need to have my 'mourn' I think.

  3. That's a lovely photo of Nell watching tennis. I guess it's only natural to feel the loss, especially with no other pets in the house. Thinking of you. x