Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Strict Woman returns

There I was watching Wimbledon last night when I noticed this small spider on the wall by my bed. It was very inactive and I thought it was rather sweet.

Around 11.30 I got myself ready for bed and got my book out and blow me there it was climbing up my bed. I told it, 'No, I don't want to share my bed with you,' and very nicely took it off and put it back on the wall. Well blow me, but a mere half an hour later it had bloody appeared back on my bed again.

I'm afraid this time I was taking no prisoners and I definitely didn't want to share my bed with it, so I scooped it up on my book and I very carefully put it out of the window.

I would've let it stay in the room, but all this wanting to get close to me was a bit much for me and, as Mountain Man will attest, I'm not called Strict Woman for nothing when it comes to animal behaviour!

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