Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A bit of a nightmare

There I was, glass of white wine in my hand, watching the beginning of the 5th set of the men's quarter finals at The French Open, when the doorbell went. It was the league captain from the bowls club who had been let down by a player and asked if I could step in at short notice. I reluctantly agreed, basically because it was raining and I absolutely hate playing in the rain. I also was very happy sitting on the couch watching the tennis (which was utterly amazing) and was beginning to wish I hadn't started my glass of wine. But when I'm asked to help out I will always say yes.

When I got to the club one member looked at me and said (and I quote) 'Oh, are you playing?' (in quite a derogatory tone), I said 'yes' and that was about the measure of it. Only one person said thank you to me for playing, the other 3 in my team hardly spoke to me and in fact the opposing team said more to me than my own team did. And as for shaking hands... the least said about that the better!

So 2 hours later, freezing cold and wet through, we finished. My team still weren't talking to me, but by that time they actually had a point as I didn't play well at all and we were the only team out of 4 who lost. I'm afraid as I hadn't had anything to eat I made my excuses and left and didn't even join the rest in the bar. I decided my need for food was greater than my need for politeness and what the f**k, I don't think anyone missed me and if they did, that's their problem.

After a hot shower, some hot food and some cold wine, I felt a bit better. Still I suppose the good thing is that I definitely won't be asked again.

Mountain Man and I went to sleep only to be woken just after midnight by a very sick dog. What I have a feeling is going to be a nightmare for you once you've read about it, is the picture of MM totally naked armed with a packet of paper towels and a plastic bag, and me totally naked armed with a J-cloth and a plastic bowl cleaning up the floor together. Yes, that definitely is a nightmare in the making!

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