Monday, 4 June 2012

What did you do on Jubilee Day?

I spent a lot of the morning engrossed in the French Open. It didn't help that I had a stomach ache until the wee small hours, which continued on and off throughout the day. I didn't feel great at all. So when our village celebrations started at 2 pm I, rather bravely in my estimation, got myself out there, in the drizzle and cloud, to see what was going on. The answer was not very much at all. A few kids under a large awning doing face painting and that was about it. We came home and went back to the French Open.

Later in the evening as the sky cleared and a rock band started to play Mountain Man came over all anti-social and decided he didn't want to go back. I think some of this was due to having spent the whole evening on Friday in the company of loads of very drunk petrol heads who were taking part in the Jim Clark Rally and he'd had enough of drunk folk to last him the summer.

There we were, watching the French Open until the bitter end. Caught up with the news (the flotilla down the Thames was spectacular) and then watched the final of The Apprentice.

So when my grandchildren ask me 'What did you do on Jubilee Day?' I shall have to be honest and say I was mainly stuck in front of my TV fulfilling my tennis obsession alongside my sleeping dog and loving husband.

Not the most exciting, I'm sure you'll admit, but the tennis was very, very good!

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  1. All true and there is more tennis on the telly today, will it be very, very good? We hope so!