Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The man is fit, but the tests go on

Yesterday my man had to head off to the hospital for a meeting with the cardiologist and a running machine. He had to prove that he could tolerate exercise and he came out of it with flying colours, was discharged and pronounced fit for life. Hooray!

He was then strapped up to a 24 hour blood pressure monitor, which his GP had requested. Every half hour a beep goes off and the machine starts whirring as his blood pressure is taken. Not much of a problem during the day, but being woken up every half hour during the night is no joke.

This afternoon the dreaded contraption will be removed and taken down the road to the GP's to be downloaded onto some system so that a discussion can take place about medication. My understanding of the situation is that MM's pretty anti meds and was just interested in having the test done.

And me? I was interested for about half an hour, but that dreaded beep is driving me nuts. Frankly I can't wait until the 24 hours is up, as for the first time in my life I'm contemplating my own blood pressure being high!


  1. Glad he's been given a clean bill of health.

    The beeping sounds like a new form of torture, I can understand why it's driving you bananas!

  2. Thanks Karen, it's certainly a relief that he's fit and well again.

    The blood pressure machine made me think tho that given that it's so annoying and he couldn't sleep well, I'm sure his blood pressure has gone up, which kind of defeats the object! Or, and given the way gp's are so keen on people taking meds for everything and they know his attitude, it's designed to make his blood pressure rise and that way he'll be forced into taking their medication!