Friday, 23 March 2012

That was the week that was

At last, after 6 long days, Mountain Man is home from hospital.

It's been a very long week that has tried and tested my patience to the full and I'm afraid I've been found wanting. All I can say is that I'm pleased I live in the Borders and my local hospital is the Borders General (or as it's affectionately known down here The BGH), as when MM was removed from there to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary at midnight on Wednesday night, the reality of the worst of the NHS hit home. From food that's prepared in Wales and brought all the way to Edinburgh to a car park where you pay £1.30 for the first hour, no matter whether you're there picking someone up and you're parked for 10 minutes, the experience was not a great one.

The outcome of all this is that MM has a slight left ventricle artery problem which he's now on medication for, and apart from being Sedentary Man for the next few days, he should be back to firing on all cylinders reasonably soon. I'm very relieved.

Meanwhile, I went to my Women's Bowls League competition on Wednesday night as I felt I needed to get out and do something rather than sitting around waiting for the phone to go and someone to tell me what was going on. I'm so pleased I did. We won our match and that has made us runners up. Given that it's my first year doing this I am thrilled. And more importantly my team all told me that I wasn't on the transfer list and no-one was to poach me for next year. It sure is nice to be wanted.

I have a meeting to attend in London on Monday morning and I've been waiting all week to see if it'll be ok to go. It's been decided I will and I'll leave my man and dog in the care of No. 1 son in Edinburgh when I head south on Sunday night. I've also booked to see the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy and, although I had a standby for my ticket, I'm pleased I'll be able to get to it.

I wonder what next week will bring? No... best not go there!


  1. Glad John finally got a diagnosis and treatment Vee and hope things soon return to normal for you.

  2. Thanks Mari, all been a bit strange and have shut myself off a bit from everything. Just concentrating on my man and my dog, not felt like doing much else.