Monday, 26 March 2012

Newly found stag status

I'm not quite sure why these things happen to me, but happen they do.

When I take the train I try and get a seat in the quiet carriage, but because I'd booked my ticket a couple of weeks ago when the meeting I had to attend in London was called, there were none left.

As I got on the train yesterday the carriage I was in was the absolute opposite of quiet. It was full of blokes who were on their way home to Darlington from a stag do in Edinburgh. And when I say full, I mean absolutely stuffed. They were all hungover and some were quite drunk. The guy in my seat was asleep. Undaunted I very politely told his friends he was in my seat and he was shaken awake and he and one of his pals moved to seats further down the carriage, but I was still surrounded. I also noticed that all the seats in the carriage were booked and the ones on my table from Newcastle to London.

Ok, so we get to Newcastle, where blow me, but a whole load of blokes who'd been on a stag do in Newcastle for the weekend got on and proceeded to remove all the stag blokes from the other do and sit in their allotted seats. I was now surrounded by London stags rather than Darlington stags. There were about 20 of this lot. They very quickly established their journey routine by getting out their six packs (and I don't mean the belly variety) and their packs of cards. They looked at me, apologised and then offered me a beer.

Actually the journey was hilarious. I watched them play a rather idiotic card game called 'Inbetweeners' which has no skill whatsoever, but incurs much betting of real live money. I was amazed at how much money they were winning and losing... literally £££'s! They offered me a shot, but quite frankly I'm not a gambler and especially when it's totally down to luck, so I declined. But we chatted and laughed and drank. I even got invited to the party that was due to happen last night, but I declined that too as I'd already booked my ticket to the David Hockney exhibition. Not sure they understood that one.

The Hockney exhibition was absolutely fantastic and I'm so pleased I managed to go. It's only on until the 9th April, so do go if you get the chance.

My meeting went ok and I managed to get home today to find my man had been pretty good and rested for the hours I was away. I think the threat from a phone call from No. 1 Son was enough to stop him from doing too much.

My journey back was very boring compared to my one down. Maybe next time I'll book for a noisy carriage rather than the quiet one and get my honorary stag T-shirt ready just in case there are some stags in need of a 60 year old woman on the lookout for a party!

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