Saturday, 17 March 2012

Funny things humans

I'm just back from a two day teaching stint on a specialist supervision workshop, which I facilitated with an extremely experienced psychologist. And, as always, being psychologists, we did our evaluations.

Out of the 10 attendees 9 of them gave the workshop the highest rating, but one didn't. We then spent almost half an hour anxsting about this one and ignoring all the positives in the others. We even managed to ignore that this one person had said that the facilitators (as in us) were great.

After our half hour we drove home and still couldn't lift our mood of desolation and the first thing I told Mountain Man was that it hadn't gone that well.

I had to do my report on the workshop this morning and when I actually read what was written I couldn't help but smile.

Funny isn't it that we always focus on the negative even though the positive is right in front of us.

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