Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday is rest day...

... for some.

Mountain Man, true to his name has gone off up the mountains to do a Search and Rescue training exercise. It was supposed to be helicopter training, but when we opened the blinds this morning it was snowing. Still a man's got to do what a man's got to do and off he went. I can't honestly say that there wasn't a hint of complaint in his voice, but nevertheless he's not a skiver by any means and wouldn't miss a training session unless... well I have often wondered what that might be, but whatever it is it hasn't happened yet.

Meanwhile I have things to do.

Tomorrow I'm off to Birmingham to talk about bereavement at the Health and Wellbeing conference at the NEC, and today I need to get all my stuff ready. I need one more rehearsal of my talk, get my case packed and then get all the paperwork I need for the event. I sent off the presentation last week so I don't need to take that with me, but I will anyway as I've learned over the years never to trust technology. And that's on top of doing all the other things that need doing.

So... rest day? Not in this house.

Well no, that's not accurate... Nell is doing a great job being as restful as she possibly can.

Nell's Sunday