Saturday, 24 March 2012

If you go down to the woods today

Down in our Community Woods this afternoon we came across this wonderful deer made of woven sticks. It's absolutely amazing. Nell was completely freaked at first and started woofing at it and prancing about for all of 10 seconds, after which discretion got the better part of valour and she decided to ignore it.

You can also see from this photo that Mountain Man is up and about again and was feeling well enough to join us on our afternoon stroll.

In fact MM is so much better today that we've decided to dispense with No. 1 Son's very kind offer of ministrations tomorrow when I leave for the big smoke and MM will stay home with strict instructions not to lift anything at all.

I do, in fact, feel ok about leaving him home alone as the Cardiologist that treated him in the BGH lives across the road from us and a few of the Borders Search and Rescue guys aren't far away. Hopefully neither of them will be needed as I'm sure MM will rest up.

And Nell? Well she doesn't actually know how to do much more than rest up these days and, apart from her 10 seconds of intense activity this afternoon, she's back to normal showing Mountain Man what resting up really looks like.


  1. That looks like a cross between an Andy Goldsworthy and something from "The Blair Witch Project". Glad things are looking up for you both!!

  2. I'm trying to find out who made it, but no luck yet. Thanks for thoughts Phil