Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Her indoors

Birmingham seemed to go well. The fact that approximately 75 people decided to come and hear me talk rather than Baron David Freud, who was giving a keynote speech at the same time, was gratifying. As was the fact that the room was full of people nodding in agreement to the points I was making, so it seems no faux pas were made. I also had several people come up to me during the day to say how much they took from my talk and that felt very good indeed.

There was just one thing that dawned on me, however, while I was waiting for my plane home, which is that on Monday I spent only 23 minutes in fresh air (*see below), and about the same yesterday. What a scary fact. My life for the last few days seems to have been spent inside of a building or a mode of transport and this cannot be healthy. And actually, when I thought about it, I haven't spent a huge amount of time outdoors this winter.

I came home determined to get out more, which is all well and good, but sadly today once I got home my resolution was overcome by my upgraded iPhone 4S and lots of emails which needed my attention.

Luckily I had to take a trip to Galashiels to get the bleeping phone to function fully otherwise my time in the great outdoors would've been even less than it was.

* Monday's fresh air quota:
home to car = 1 minute, followed by a drive to Edinburgh.
Parked car and walked to Waverley to get the airport bus = 10 minutes
Wait for airport bus = 5 minutes
Airport bus stop to terminal = 1 minute
Terminal to plane = 1 minute
Plane to bus = 1 minute, followed by less than a minute from bus to terminal.
Airport exit to taxi = 2 minutes
Taxi to hotel entrance = less than a minute, but I'm adding this to the other 'less than a minute' to make 1 minute

Total time = 23 minutes!

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