Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Battery chat

I got an upgraded iPhone last Wednesday. I went from a 3G to a 4S. The battery life on my old one was pretty awful, so ages ago I bought a Mophie for it to extend the usage, and it was ok. Far better with than without. I could get about 6 hours out of my phone and then the Mophie added about another 6.

Well when I got my new one I decided I'd better invest in another Mophie, basically because the iPhone 4 is a completely different shape to the 3 and so I couldn't use my old one (typical!) and, unbelievably, since last Wednesday I've not recharged my phone at all. The phone itself went for at least 4 days without a recharge and the Mophie has added another 4. I think that's stupendous myself, and hopefully I won't have to carry my charger everywhere I go just in case.


  1. My beloved is impressed by 4 days! His use of map my run, GPS stuff, face time etc means that his is charged almost daily with his mophie...but then it's a fairly new toy for him. I'll check in again when he's had it for a few months!

  2. I'm away for the next couple of days and will be using it much more so will be interesting to see how long it lasts. Will report back when I'm home on Friday.