Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day started last night when Mountain Man, who was running the Mighty Deerstalker Challenge, had to be rescued by the Borders Search and Rescue team that he works with. He had a collapse - albeit at the end after getting his medal - and was carted off to Borders General Hospital.

What is a little strange about this is that I knew he was in difficulties about 5 minutes before I got the call. I just had a sense that things weren't going ok.

This brought to mind a similar incident with No. 1 son when he was 14. He'd already broken one of his legs at judo 8 months before and was back at training. MM had taken him. I was settling down with a nice glass of wine and my cat on my lap and I just knew he'd broken his leg. And 5 minutes later I got the call to say he'd indeed broken his leg. Luckily it was the other leg... well ok, maybe 'luckily' isn't the right terminology but I'm sure you know what I mean.

And it was exactly the same last night. I'd just settled down, but with a whisky not wine, and knew I was going to get a call, and then 5 minutes later there it was.

We don't know exactly what's wrong, but MM is firmly ensconced in the cardiac ward at BGH attached to wires and monitors. He's due to have more tests tomorrow so all will become clearer then.

As far as Mother's Days go this probably wasn't the most relaxed, but as well as cards from both my sons, they phoned and were absolutely wonderful. I feel blessed as a mother and who could ask for more.


  1. Oh no, poor MM. Am sending positive vibes his way. Phone if you want to chat or if you need anything. xx

  2. Oh blimey Vee, that must have been scary...very best wishes to you both!!

  3. Thanks MG and Phil. Nothing definitive yet, but the man himself is doing ok and I'm just tired.