Tuesday, 20 March 2012

No news is no news

Mountain Man is still in hospital and we're still not much wiser. It does look as though it wasn't a heart attack, which is great, but the mystery goes on and we won't find out anything until tomorrow. Apparently they want a radiographer to look at the results from one of the tests, so that's that.

One good thing though is that they've unhooked him from the heart monitor because his heart rate was so slow it wasn't registering properly. All those marathons, cycle rides, mountain climbs etc must have done some good then! It also meant that he could get off his bed and walk a bit.

We decided on him walking me to my car in the car park as he wanted a bit of air. I'm not sure he was supposed to go beyond the entrance, but as far as I'm concerned flouting rules means that he's definitely on the mend.

So now we wait... ho hum... I'm not very good at this waiting lark!

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