Sunday, 11 March 2012


Today is my March birthday celebration, and to help me celebrate my brother and his wife came all the way up from Hertfordshire to bring champagne and take me and Mountain Man out for a very fancy, slap up meal at The Kitchin in Edinburgh on Friday. And very fancy and slap up it was too. In fact it was one of the best fancy, slap up meals I've had in a very long time.

Big thanks to my brother for being so generous.

I've still got a bit of champagne left to finish off my birthday tonight before the clock turns past midnight and then it's straight into Mountain Man's birthday. So another meal out will be had tomorrow night to celebrate that one. It definitely won't be in the same bracket, either food wise or financially, as Friday's meal, but as it'll be just the two of us we can be assured of a good evening.

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  1. And MM would like to say thank you too, wonderful meal, and tomorrow will be just as good! xx