Monday, 6 February 2012

Strange times at The National Gallery

Of course the snow did cause havoc. Not with my travelling, as I got to London just fine. My dinner out on Saturday also was fine, but London went into lockdown on Sunday because of an inch of snow and hardly any roads were gritted and pretty much no pavements. Consequently my OU meet-up got cancelled.

Although I was sorry not to catch up with folk, it did have a good outcome for me. I had a ticket for the last day of the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition at The National Gallery. My ticket was for 4.30. The OU meet-up was to at about 7 and a way away in Pimlico, which would have meant I'd have had to leave the National around 6.30. So instead I had a leisurely time at the exhibition, which was brilliant.

It was such an amazing experience to see all these fab paintings and drawings, made 600 years ago, and which still have the power to attract and draw people in. Many of them are owned by the Queen, the lucky thing. The place was heaving and there were no tickets left at all, so I was pleased I'd booked.

What was also lovely was, because it was the last day of the exhibition, they'd laid on a string quartet, called Cadena in the foyer. They were absolutely stunningly attractive and played very well indeed. Mozart to the Beatles to Adele.

Cadena String Quartet in the foyer of The National Gallery

Champagne was also on offer and because I wasn't going to spend money in a pub I decided to have a glass, sit down and enjoy the music. It was great.

I did have one rather strange thing happen and that is that when I was in the lift (the exhibition was in 2 separate parts of the building and it was easier to take the lift) I was accosted by an Indian lady. She said, 'You are the artist. I love your work. You are so clever.' I said I wasn't, but she was having none of it! It was a bit of a surreal experience, especially as I overheard the other two people who'd been in the lift say, 'How exciting,' as I was on my way to the next part of the exhibition and smiled and nodded.

So who the hell do I look like? Who am I supposed to be? What art work? I'll never know of course, but it was an 'interesting' interlude.

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