Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Exciting news

I got back from my weekly Monday social bowls session to be greeted by an email which stated that one of my poems has been chosen to appear in the next edition of The Eildon Tree.

Apart from having one of my poems actually in print, the fact that it was chosen by editors of some renown makes it very special. But even more than that is the fact that this poem was about my dad, who died 26 years ago this year. My mother gave me his war medals last year and as I was framing them the first line came to me.

And just in case you're interested here's the first verse:

Plucked from civilian life to fight a war
an echo of a man is all that’s left,
stories of a name and nothing more.

It's a villanelle by the way, and as the first and third lines are repeated 4 times in the poem, which is 19 lines long, you've actually got quite a lot of the poem just in these 3 lines!


  1. Congratulations Vee and very well deserved.

  2. FANTASTIC!!! Your fan club think that's brilliant and agree with Karen, very well deserved. xx

  3. Your other fan club agree with Karen and John - very well deserved. It's confirmation of your talent as a poet.

  4. Whahey... a fan club!

    Seriously, thanks so much. You have no idea how much your comments mean to me.

  5. Congratulations! I go away for a few days and look what happens. Love the glossy green leaves too - are they new?

  6. Hi Lizzie, the pic is of the new leaves on the top of the biggest plant. I keep changing the colour of the outside edge of the blog as it's not quite what I wanted, so I think you'll have missed the last 4 permutations!