Monday, 20 February 2012

Slave labour or being supportive?

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful of days of the year so far. Cold, but sunny and bright with a fantastically blue, blue sky. And where was I on this loveliest of days? I was 'chained' to my bed and computer while I worked for nothing for Mountain Man - yes that's right, nothing, nada, nil -  while he went out for a run in the sparkling sunshine.

I spent a frustrating day rewriting the pages for his Bhutan travel pages, which were sent by his Bhutanese partner. The guy's English is really very good for someone from Bhutan, but as for readability and making sense...

It was unbelievably time consuming and I only realised the time at 3.30 pm as the sun was beginning to disappear and rushed to get out for a walk in the woods with the dog. She loved it, but age is catching up with her and she spent the whole time sniffing rather than walking. When we eventually got home, she ate her food and then completely flaked out for the rest of the evening.

I worked on my 'translating' until just past 7, when I gave up for the day. Only two completely finished, one more half done and there's still another four waiting in the wings! 

Still a girl's got to support her man in any way she can, doesn't she?

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  1. Shame to miss the glorious weather, but I'm sure MM will make it up to you.